6 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance Today

Need ways to save on Auto Insurance? We all like to save money especially on things that don’t offer immediate gratification like auto insurance. However, selecting an inferior policy, simply because it saves money, can prove to be costly in the long run.

Consider these 6 ways to save on auto insurance without sacrificing your safety or your bank account.

1. Research and compare premium prices-budgeting the cost of car insurance, even before electing what car to buy, is essential in keeping the cost down on your premium. Keep in mind your insurance rates are determined by a vehicle’s:

  • sale price
  • repair costs
  • safety record
  • likelihood of theft and break ins

2. Increase your deductible– make sure your policy covers collision and comprehensive. The minimal extra cost will prove worthwhile in the long term.

3. Carpool to work– save more on your premium by driving less.

4. Combine policies– bundle existing insurance policies on home, life or multiple vehicles to get a premium discount.

5. Keep your driving accountable– frequently assess your driving safety. The better your driving record, the lower your premium.

6. Pay your bills– paying your bills on time will maintain your credit, and believe it or not, your credit score reflects your driving safety which affects your insurance premium.

This helpful list will provide a good start to making a wise decision on your auto insurance policy. Just be sure to focus on the final premium price over the potential discount amounts.