How to Make Your Home a Safe Place

It’s January and there’s no better time to make sure your home is the safest it can be as you’ adhere to the timeless cliche, “out with the old, in with the new.” When taking a look around your home to assess its safety, we recommend paying close attention to preventing two key risks:

1. Theft
2. Damage

Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention is a #1 safety factor when it comes to protecting your home and the people you love. The top safety points we recommend paying close attention to are:

? Doors to the outside- Do they close and lock properly?
? Home security system- Does it activate and work properly when armed?
? Positioning of home security key pads- are they out of view from glass doors and windows?
? Windows- Do they also open and close securely and lock properly?
? Ladders- Are they removed from the side of the house and put in a secure place?

Damage Prevention

Damage Prevention is also an important safety factor in order to protect one of your biggest investments, your home. Key factors to preventing damage in the home are:

? Smoke alarms- Are they installed and do they work?
? Water Hoses- Are all outside water hoses detached from water spouts in the event of cold weather to prevent freezing?
? Outside Pipes- Are they insulated and prevented from exposure to extreme cold?
? Outside Debris- Do you need to clear any unnecessary debris that may be lying around causing a potential fire hazard?
? Electrical cords and outlets- Are they safe and in working order?
? Containers and chemicals- Are they safely closed so that all hazardous chemicals are properly contained?

We hope these 11 helpful pointers will provide you peace of mind in the coming year. Feel free to let our knowledgeable agents know if you have any questions about keeping your home safe and sound home.