3 Important Reasons to Have Proof of Insurance in Your Possession

By law, every insurance company is required to give each client a proof of insurance card documenting automobile insurance coverage. Once you receive this card in the mail from your insurance carrier, think twice before tucking it away in your file cabinet. It is not just any little card! There are 3 important reasons to make sure you have a copy in your car or billfold, but most importantly in your possession, at all times.

Important Reasons to Have Proof of Insurance

1. Every state in the USA requires that drivers have a proof of insurance card in their possession. In the event of an accident, you must be able to present that card to verify your coverage.

2. Each state has different requirements but the proof of insurance card generally indicates that you are financially responsible in order to be eligible and obtain auto insurance.

3. You need to have proof of insurance available if you are planning on leasing a car before the car rental company will be able to trust that you can cover the damages in the event of an accident.

Other than these 3 important reasons to have proof of insurance in your possession, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to being able to verify that you:

  • meet your state’s insurance requirements
  • are a responsible driver
  • are financially capable to cover an accident related charges

You may just find yourself relieved if and when the time comes. Feel free to thank us for advising you about the importance of that little proof of automobile insurance card.