Adding Kids to Car Insurance. Know The Facts.

Adding Kids to Car InsuranceIf you’re a parent you know that kids grow up fast. First they’re walking. Then they’re getting on the bus for school. And before you know it, they’re driving your car? It’s something that sneaks up on you, but make sure you plan ahead. Before your child gets their learner’s permit, you should discuss with an agent how that affects your insurance. Adding kids to car insurance is something you need to look into before your child gets behind the wheel.

When your child begins driving with a provisional license, they may be covered under your insurance because they are required to drive with a licensed driver in the car at all times. But if they have are going to have access to your vehicle when they get their own driver’s license, it’s important to inform your insurance company of these changes.

You’re probably aware that young drivers are in a high risk category for accidents. So, it’s likely that you will see an increase in your rates when you have a teen on your policy. Other factors may come into play, though. If your child only drives occasionally, it may be a lower cost. Also, if your child lives away from home for part of the year, you may get a break during those months.

There are additional ways you might reduce the costs associated with adding your child to your car insurance. If your child gets good grades at school, you might be eligible for some sort of good student discount, depending on your insurance company. Driver’s education courses and other safety classes could also be beneficial.

But it’s always best to discuss any changes in your circumstances with your insurance agent before they happen. So if you’re planning for the future, ask your agent what you need to do before your child starts driving.