What should I do about my auto insurance now that Im getting divorced?

When you get a divorce, you need to consider how it is going to impact your auto insurance. You still need coverage for your car or truck, but the policy is going to change significantly because you are changing the number of people who were covered and you are changing your marital status.

What should I do about my auto insurance now that Im getting divorced ? The first thing that you need to do is call the insurance company and let them know that you are getting a divorce. They are going to ask you which car you are keeping in the divorce, if any, so that they can split the policy as necessary. If you are getting a new car, you will also need to inform the insurance company of these details so that your policy reflects what you are actually driving and what is at your home.

If you are moving as a result of the divorce, you will also need to provide your new address. Insurance premiums are based upon ZIP Code and therefore the policy may change to be higher or lower than it was simply because of the risk level changing.

There are going to be some other factors that are changing that will be responsible for your premium changing. This includes the number of vehicles that you are ensuring, as well as your marital status. You are likely going from two vehicles to one, which means you are no longer able to get the multi-card discount. You are also changing your marital status from married to a single, and this may also eliminate a discount that you have gotten in the past.

If you were a homeowner and now you are renting, this is also going to impact the cost of auto insurance.

Your goal is to maintain the same level of coverage on your vehicle, without spending more than what is necessary. An auto insurance representative is going to be understanding to your needs and make comparisons as necessary to help you achieve the lowest premium possible.