Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Safeguard Yourself Against Claims

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protecting your assets is critical through an EPLI policy if you have:

ever dismissed anyone from their job
unhappy or disgruntled employees
conduct interviews

Safeguard yourself against claims that could potentially sink your business financially such as:

unfair hiring practices
sexual harassment
Contact us now so we can prevent you and your employees from future catastrophe. We’ll walk you through your options and provide a comprehensive quote at no cost.

“A top insurer of business losses recently indicated that lawsuits are on the rise not only in the United States but globally.” -Human Resources Management Report

The rise in lawsuits against today’s businesses are attributed to 2 factors:

1. Economy
2. Increased fraud, misconduct and unprofessional or illegal acts

Ideally, you can trust your employees. Realistically, you can not be certain they will make the right professional decision 100% of the time which will likely have a ripple effect of unhappy people.