General Liability Insurance

Protect your Business Property

General Liability Insurance Charlotte NC

General Liability Insurance is a policy that covers the general incidents that may happen related to your business.

It can protect your business in the event of onsite accidents and injuries.  If there is an injury it can cover medical expenses.  Did you experience damage from goods or services sold by your business?  No problem this policy type has you covered.  It will also work to help you in the event of a lawsuit.  I can cover attorney’s fees, court costs and defense.  It also protects policy holders in the event of fire, theft and vandalism.

Protecting your business is important.  And though we don’t like to think about it, the next customer entering your office door could be the next plaintiff in a lawsuit against your business. As consumers become increasingly aware of their legal rights, there has been a phenomenal increase in lawsuits. You cannot avoid this risk, but at least you can transfer this risk to your insurer through commercial general liability insurance (CGL).

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Don’t let these liabilities sink your business into the red. Our agents are well versed on any obstacle your business may face as well as options to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. Let us answer your questions and help you customize a General Liability Insurance policy to best fit your business model.