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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance policies may offer protection for:

  • Contents – Personal belongings
  • Loss of use – Relocation coverage if property damaged
  • Liability – Coverage if someone is injured in your rental unit
  • Medical Coverage – Coverage for medical attention if someone is injured


There are many variables that renters face everyday which are beyond their control.

Examples include:

  • Proper upkeep of electrical equipment or indoor plumbing
  • Unexpected activation of installed sprinkler system
  • The responsibility factor of wall to wall neighbors
    (examples include if they are smokers, remember to turn off appliances, etc.)

Call or request a free quote on an Umbrella Insurance policy at an affordable rate.

While you, as a renter, are not necessarily at a loss if something happens to your dwelling place, you may be at a loss if an unexpected event takes place and your personal belongings are not protected.

Estimate the worth of your personal belongings and that is the amount of renters insurance coverage you need. A minimum value may apply. Call now for an complimentary quote at an affordable rate.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

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